Vignette Hug Blanket



Vignette ~ Representing the decorative vines that adorned nineteenth centry books, the term "Vignette" means "little vine".  Nowadays the term can be used to describe a pause in a story.  When you wrap your new sage green blanket around your shoulders remember to pause, be present, be grateful, be calm.  *top layer vine print is textured for sensory

Product Details:

  • white vine on a sage green, bound seam, backed in a darker shade of sage
  • 2 layers
  • 95% modal/rayon 5% spandex
  • wash separately on gentle, lay flat to dry for best results or tumble dry low

Sizes: X-Large 4.5' x 8' Adult 4.5' x 6' Child 3.75' x 5'  Baby 3.5' x 3.5'