What 'Cozy' Means to Us?

When you think of the word ‘cozy,’ what comes to mind?You might picture yourself cuddled on the couch with your pet or loved one, sitting around a kindling fireplace on a snowy evening, or being buried under the covers with your favorite novel.The beautiful thing is, that the ultimate feeling of ‘cozy’ looks different to all of us. But one thing we all have in common here? Our coziest self is often our happiest and safest self. It’s when we feel most at home, at ease, and at peace — no matter where we are in the world, or what’s going on around us.This sense of safety, security, comfort, and joy is what we’re on a mission to deliver at Pipermoon Blankets, where each and every blanket is created with love and intention. Made from stretchy, lightweight jersey cotton, Pipermoon blankets are designed to hug you back, giving the comforting feeling of being swaddled for newborns, and to cover adults from toes to nose — perfect for folks with sensory sensitivity, anxiety, undergoing hospital treatments, or who simply want a blanket that feels #likeahug.Whether you’re on the road or spending an evening in, your Pipermoon Blanket can easily go wherever you go. Its lightweight, breathable material is perfect for travel and for lounging around the house. Coming in a variety of colors and patterns for every season, there’s a design to fit everyone’s style.Sink into your coziest self wherever, whenever with Pipermoon Blankets: the blanket that hugs you back.
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