Beach blankets are a travel essential: They’re more spacious, packable, and versatile than beach towels, offering an extra-large surface area for you to spread out sand-free. If your upcoming vacation plans or spontaneous day adventures take you to the beach, you’ll want to bring all the essentials including a beach blanket to keep your day sand-free.The best beach blankets are large enough to sprawl out on or fit a few of your friends, plus add your food and beach reads. They are also easily packable and take up less storage space than bulky beach towels. Most importantly, they are soft and at the end of the day they keep the sand at the beach, not in your bag or car!Whether you’re looking for an extra-large blanket to fit the whole family, or a single adult size design for one, Pipermoon blankets has you covered with their multiple sizes and easy packability. Their special buttery-soft material naturally repels the sand and has been tested extensively by beach goers everywhere. You will soon find that Pipermoon blankets are handy to have around for all your outdoor activities, providing a cozy, cloud-like layer to wrap around your shoulders in the chilly evening or to spread out on the sand for all your sun-soaked fun. We like to keep one in our car for spontaneous beach-side fun, or to catch a beautiful sunset. Whether your beach is sea-side or lake-side (the great debate) at the end of the day, you can easily shake the sand off, pack up your gear, and be on your way.