Twenty years ago, armed with a tent and our enthusiasm, our first beach camping trip kicked off with a bang—and a few sandy blunders. From struggling to set up our humble abode to finding sand in the strangest places, we quickly learned that the beach has its own mischievous ways. Little did we know that our trusty Pipermoon blankets would soon come to the rescue, repelling sand, and becoming our superhero sidekicks!Beach camping is all about adventures and unforgettable escapades with our crew. We are a group of moms and kids (no dads allowed) that all met while living in Tarzana, California. While the size of our group has gone through its ebbs and flows, we still cherish coming together for one week each June from far and wide. Life has taken our little group to Maryland, Idaho, Arizona and a few who still reside in Southern California. The memories made and to be made are priceless. We've had our fair share of hilarious nights of listening to the teenagers play mafia while the young moms wrestle marshmallow off their little one’s sandy faces. It’s these moments that bring us back year after year. In a stroke of sheer luck, we stumbled upon our Pipermoon blankets being sand-proof and this was a game changer! These sand-repelling wonders quickly became the talk of our beach camping crew. The way they shrugged off sand with a nonchalant flick amazed us all. We could now go from tent to sand and back again, without playing host to an entire beach ecosystem in our bedding. Hallelujah!As the years flew by, our love for tradition grew stronger. Each beach camping trip brought new discoveries, moments of awe, and plenty of laughter. Our Pipermoon blankets became more than just practical accessories—they became symbols of comfort, laughter, and the joy of being together. We couldn't help but smile as 20-year-old college boys asked if they could lay on a blankie instead of their beach towel, bidding adieu to their sandy woes.Our 20-year beach camping tradition has been a wild ride filled with sunshine, laughter, and more sand than we ever thought possible. But thanks to the incredible Pipermoon blankets, we've managed to keep the sand at bay, preserving our sanity and ensuring that cozy comfort reigns supreme. As we gear up for yet another year of beachside adventures, we're grateful for the memories we've made and the countless sandy laughs that await us—thanks in no small part to our trusty Pipermoon blankets!