Do you have a hard time sleeping? Does your child, your teenager, or even your grandpa toss and turn all night long? Pipermoon blankets to the rescue! For decades we have swaddled newborns as a way of calming and soothing infants. Now there are swaddle blankets for every age, even a Jumbo size for dads or anyone really.Pipermoon blankets are soft and smooth, draping around you like a security blanket; essentially like a hug. There is a bit of a weighted feeling that helps you drop off to sleep and keeps you feeling warmly cozy and comfortable all night. The gentle pressure simulates a hug which helps reduce a lot of the stress insomniacs feel around bedtime.For the ultimate good night’s sleep, our jersey knit Cloud Bed Blankets in King, Queen or Twin size will soothe you to sleep in comfort and peace. This reversible two-toned gray cozy blanket blends with most bedroom decor offering style and comfort. But mostly it drapes over you applying light pressure that helps you get a good night’s sleep.