Hot flashes anyone? I was in my late thirties shopping in Target when I got my first hot flash. Starting at the top of my head, flushing down my body in a heat induced flame, I had absolutely no doubt in my mind what was happening. My first thought was, “what? I’m only in my thirties, I am way too young for this to be happening!” And my second, was “where the f#$k is my hair band?” If you have experienced a hot flash then you know exactly what I am talking about. After pulling my hair up in a ponytail I grabbed the nearest notebook off the shelf and started fanning the back of my neck like crazy!” Also, I was also low key kind of hiding as my local Target was also the local mom meet up spot! Again, i am coming back to the fact that I was in my thirties and didn’t’ know that this could even be “a thing” at that age. I’m 49 this year, and let me tell you my two top peri - / menopause tips.  1. Keep a hairband around your wrist ready at a moments notice 2. Get yourself a breathable, cool to the touch Pipermoon blanket for your bed.  You are welcome in advance :)