Twin 4-year-old granddaughters, Indie and Capri, have a wildly active bedtime ritual that includes bouncing on the bed, jumping across to the other twin’s bed, and singing at the top of their lungs.While tending them recently, in an attempt to create hygge and get them to sleep, I did all the recommended bedtime activities: bubble bath, soft pajamas, rocking them, bedtime stories. After three or four stories, I put them to bed, said their prayers, kissed them goodnight, and tucked them in.I turned off the lights and slipped out of the room. However, in about 1 ½ minutes, the commotion started -- jumping, singing, laughing. Thinking they would wear themselves out, I sat outside the door, but to no avail, the commotion was wild.Eventually, I went back in and settled them down again, singing softly until it appeared they were asleep. Once again, I slipped out the door and listened. I had barely closed the door, when to my chagrin, I heard Capri say, “She’s gone!! We can play now!” And the jumping and laughing erupted.Now, it’s about 9:30, and Grandma is definitely tired, even if no one else is. This time, I grabbed two swaddle blankets, child size, the soft pink and charcoal grey “Little Shell” style, and swaddled the girls snuggly. Finally, success! The twins fell asleep,and so did I.Pipermoon blankets have somewhat of a weighted sensation as they drape over your shoulders, creating a calming sense of self. These snuggly blankets are the secret to calming little ones at night.