Blankets That Hug You Back

Cooling Hug Blankets For A Cozy Summer

Buttery Soft & 4-Way Stretch


🌙 Reduce Anxiety & Induce Calm

🌙 Regulate Temperature & Wick Moisture

🌙 Feel Like A Hug

All because the gentle pressure of the 4-way stretch fabric as it is wrapped around your shoulders triggers your parasympathetic nervous system telling your body to lower its heart rate and release stress.

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Our Story

"Hi, I'm Kimberly, and I founded Pipermoon blankets to help my kids sleep better on the bus. Interesting thing you might not know about school sports is that the kids try to sleep spread out all over the bus. Some of these bus rides are 10+ hours! One day I went to pick up my son after an away game, it was 1 am -- on a school night -- and the entire team scattered across the bus trying to sleep without a whole lot of success! After that I had to make my kids a blanket that was super cozy... We're talking big enough to cover you from head to toe, small enough to pack in a duffle, and easy to machine wash and dry."

Look Who Is Talking About Us!

Cheer Them On With Gameday Blankets

Game Day Collection

Game Day Collection

Say goodbye to bulky blankets that are hard to take to the... 


    Delivery is on us for all orders over $100. That's just 2 adult size swaddle blankets.


    Packs small enough to easily take on a plane, road-trip or stadium.


    Receive rewards every time you shop or share.

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Things You Want To Know


What Size Am I?

ADULT 57 X 72" that’s 6 feet of head to toe comfort
BABY 42 X 42 “ for easy swaddling
CHILD 45 X 60" for kids up to age 8 (or for a shoulder travel wrap)
XL 57 x 95" for family cuddles or the really tall

Why Are They Called Hug Blankets?

The combined 2 lbs of weight, 4-way stretch and silky softness make Pipermoon blankets feel just like a comforting hug.

What Makes Your Fabric So Amazing?

Our fabric is custom made Jersey Modal with 5% Spandex.

  • Natural & Sustainable
  • Soft & Gentle on Skin
  • Breathable & Moisture Wicking
  • Thermoregulating
  • Odor Resistant
  • Sand & Grass Resistant
  • Easy Care & Durability
  • Produced From Fast-Growing Sustainable Beech Trees

Are Hug Blankets Sensory Friendly?

One of our standout features of our fabric is its exceptional softness. The fibers are finer than silk, making the fabric incredible smooth and gentle on skin.

We DO NOT use Disperse Dyes in our manufacturing process.

What If I Gift A Blanket & They Want A Different Pattern?

Happiness matters so simply have your recipient email us at with their request.

Can The Blankets Be Machine Washed & Dried?

Yes to both! Gone are the days of drying your favorite blankets hanging over drying racks or kitchen chairs! You can both machine wash and dry our blankets! Pipermoon blankets do not shrink and they keep their softness wash after wash making them perfect for everyday at home or travel.

Recommended Care:

  • Wash on Gentle/Cold Separately (or with other Pipermoon blankets)
  • Normal Dry

How Fast Do You Ship?

All orders are processed within 3 business days (usually quicker) and shipped with priority mail either USPS or UPS.

Teen Cancer Project

20% of all sales are donated in blankets to teens with cancer throughout the United States; including St. Jude's, Primary Children's Medical Center and Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

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