Our Story

Pipermoon is a Pacific Northwest based blanket company that was inspired by the nostalgia of baby blankets long past, but now offered in teen/adult size. Every piece is thoughtfully designed by our small team who gathers inspiration from the beauty of the west coast to the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. 

As our children entered high school and started traveling long hours and late nights by bus for basketball games we saw a need for an adult size, easily washable, and cozy blanket that would effortlessly fit in their backpacks to take on the road and Pipermoon was born.  

Today however, serendipity is what Pipermoon is all about.  We have found a very loyal customer base because of the many fortunate, yet unplanned discoveries revealed by the comfort our blankets have brought through many walks of life.  Our blankets are still fun, cozy, full length, easily packable blankets, but they are also security blankets for those battling hardships.  When you wrap yourself in an adult swaddle blanket hug, there is a feeling of safety and comfort provided by the stretch and light pressure. Just a few of the serendipitous testimonials we have received include comforting those going through hard times and/or hospital stays, as an autistic calming strategy, a sleep aid, sensory processing disorder friendly, calming after a bad day, and to send a hug to a loved one from afar. 

 As long as our blankets are #likeahug no matter the reason, then we are fulfilling our mission to gift hugs one blanket at a time!