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Plant parents & proud green thumbers, the Monstera blanket is a MUST for you! Featuring hand-drawn Monstera plants in watercolor ranging from sage to emerald greens, this lively and revitalizing blanket will be the perfect accent in your home. Whether you’re cuddled up on the couch, headed to watch a beach sunset, or enjoying a picnic in the park, our oversized adult wrap-back blanket is the perfect companion.

Giving Monstera as a gift? Purchase as-is, or add a custom monogram for a thoughtful, personalized touch!

Product Details

  • Monstera print in watercolor greens, bound seam, backed in green
  • 95% modal/rayon 5% spandex
  • Wash separately on gentle, lay flat to dry for best results or tumble dry low

X-Large 57" x 95"

Adult 57” x 72”

Child 45" x 60" 

Baby 42" x 42"

Customer Reviews (20)

More than expected!

Posted by JennIfer Elmore on Dec 26th 2022
I was skeptical at first but once my Monstera blanket came, everyone was wrapping up in it before I even got a chance!! So much so that I’ve put in a second order for my daughter, she wanted her own! We love our PiperMoon blankets! They’re soft, snuggly and great quality!

Oh, it’s worth it

Posted by Kelsey on Jul 26th 2022
I am absolutely floored by how much I love my blanket! I have all kinds, from fluffy ones to handmade quilts but nothing compares to this comforting, stretchy, perfect temperature blanket!

The most comfortable blanket I...

Posted by Kelsey Dixon on Jul 26th 2022
I am absolutely floored by how much I love my blanket! I have all kinds, from fluffy ones to handmade quilts but nothing compares to this comforting, stretchy, oddly cool in temperature blanket!

Monstera Adult Swaddle...

Posted by Anna on Jun 6th 2022
Monstera Adult Swaddle Blanket

Love ❤️

Posted by Staci on May 7th 2022
I love these blankets! I actually just ordered my 5th one. I've given one to my daughter and my dogs took over one lol. I sleep with mine every night. If I get to hot while sleeping this blanket always cools me down. I love it! I also take one with me whenever we travel. I'm obsessed!!


Posted by Kelcie on Jul 19th 2021
I am obsessed with this blanket, I purchased it to have a summer blanket for reading and I could not be happier! I can’t wait to purchase these as a Christmas gift for the whole family!

Love it!

Posted by Emma on Jun 30th 2021
This blanket is amazing. I over heat super easily but I love to be covered up, this blanket solves the problem! I was afraid it was going to be too hot but it is literally perfect. I’ve had it for about a week and I’ve used it everyday! I love the design because I’m a plant lady and I love the blanket! 100% would recommend.

Coziest blanket ever!

Posted by Jen on Jun 12th 2021
Just placed my second order because I am obsessed with Pipermoon!! It’s been HOT this summer but I can’t sleep without a blanket and this blanket has transitioned so well from being layered with a comforter on top of it for warmth, to sleeping with it as a single blanket to stay cool on the hot summer nights. I ordered a second throw so I can have one for sitting on the couch or for traveling. The material is buttery soft on both sides and has great soft piped edge. High quality for sure. It’s a shame I can only give it 5 stars! If you’ve been debating on this blanket - I promise you will be in love with it!

Butter Soft, Seriously GET IT!

Posted by Brittney on Jun 5th 2021
This blanket was everything I wanted and more. It is so soft, has a nice weight to it, and is Heaven! Litterally I am already dreaming of the next one I get!!

So amazing

Posted by Emily on May 27th 2021
I bought this as a blanket for summer nights and wow is it literally perfection. It’s going to be hard to not buy one for every room! I love it and can’t wait for it to warm up again!

Best Blanket Ever

Posted by Lorrie on May 25th 2021
Absolutely love this blanket! It's cool and cozy at the same time. I have 4 daughters and they all received their own swaddle blanket as fast as I could get them ordered. I couldn't wait for birthdays or Christmas for them to experience all the comfy, cozy goodness of the softest blanket ever.

Cozy beyond expectation!

Posted by R Neal on May 8th 2021
This is the perfect summer blanket. Can’t believe how small it folds up. It’s breezy and soft, but heavy at the same time. Absolutely love!

Makes a great gift!

Posted by Kevlyn on Apr 18th 2021
My best friend was going through a difficult patch in her life, so I sent her this blanket to provide some comfort. When she got it, she immediately texted me and told me how much she LOVED IT. I was happy that I could send an item that "felt like a hug" to a my best friend when I couldn't give her a real hug myself :) The blanket is SO soft and has very nice weight to it. The quality is amazing!


Posted by Ginger on Mar 26th 2021
Just like every other Pipermoon blanket, it's amazing! Bought this for a friend for her birthday and she's in love!!!


Posted by Jen on Mar 25th 2021
Ordered this blanket during the St. Patrick's Day sale. I already have two and I love them all! These are easily the comfiest blankets I have ever owned!!! Love them!!!

Palm leaf blanket

Posted by Kathy on Mar 12th 2021
Love this blanket ..... I received this blanket as a birthday gift from my niece JAG. I love the blanket so much I ordered for my cousin and his husband and my son and my grandbabies... Highly recommend this

Love love love!

Posted by Samantha on Jan 1st 2021
I am blanket obsessed, and I have never had a blanket like this. It’s not exactly plush but smooth and stretchy (in the best way). It’s a light blanket but has just enough weight to it. I hope pipermoon gets more colors because I plan to buy another once they release another pattern that fits my aesthetic. Got my blanket in 3 days post order, very happy to support small businesses like this one! Will recommend to all my friends (and will be sending them as gifts)

New favorite blanket

Posted by Blanket Fanatic on Dec 12th 2020
These blankets are INCREDIBLE. I am somewhat obsessed with blankets and had seen ads for these for a while. Finally, I decided to try it out.. and I'll never sleep without it again. I literally kick all the covers off of me at night, including the sheet, and just wrap myself in this. It is so, so soft, but it has the perfect amount of weight to make me feel safe and cozy. These blankets are going to be my go-to gifts until I run out of people to give them to. Also, thank you work-from-home for allowing me to wear this at my desk ALL DAY LONG.


Posted by Heather on Sep 23rd 2020
Heard about these blankets from a friend and had to order one. I love all things Jersey and have never found a stretchy soft fabric like this before. Seriously the best blankets ever!


Posted by Kathie on Sep 13th 2020
Absolutely love my Palm-leaf throw. Not only do I love the print but it is the softest thing ever and have not slept a night without it since I purchased. It’s also bigger than a standard throw which I love because I get to stretch it out over my whole body. Just ordered my sis an identical one because she loved mine! If you guys made other items in the same fabric I would definitely be on board!
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